Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kick start your day with pesto tomato and mozzarella sandwich

What's a typical British meal? Sandwich!! I read somewhere that around 12 billion sandwiches are eaten every year in the UK....just imagine !!
When it comes to sandwiches I am not very fond of the cold ones we get here...I like the toasted and grilled ones better.We have been grown up eating potato and paneer sandwiches and then came the era of coleslaw sandwiches during college days.Grilled sandwiches were a specialty of some places only and I remember how I used to love these sandwiches at the mathura road branch of Haldiram's in Delhi.
The best thing  about sandwiches is that they are simple to make and you can play around with a number of options depending upon the available ingredients.Well,pesto is our favourite thesedays and so I made this sandwich for the first time on hubby's b'day and we loved it so much that since then its weekly in our menu.
I used Sacla basil pesto sauce for this recipe....I was never a fan of bottled sauces until I tried this pesto sauce...it is as fresh as homemade pesto. Try making this sandwich with seeded bread it does makes a lot of difference in taste as well as health quotient.I have used Hovis Seeds sensation which is a staple in our home thesedays.I have tried so many varieties of bread in this country but when it comes to seeded breads this one is the best .

Here comes the recipe :


1/4 cup Sacla Classic Basil pesto
1/4 Red pepper(cut into long strips)
Half Tomato(cut into pieces)
1/4 cup Mozzarella 
Salt to taste 
1/4 tsp Pepper
4 slices of Seeded bread(I used Hovis Seed Sensation)
Butter for toasting 


In a pan roast red pepper slices til they are a bit charred.(You can even do this in oven)Take pesto and spread on the bread slices.Put tomato pieces and capsicum strips.Sprinkle salt and pepper and add crumbled cheese.Cover it with a slice of bread 
Heat butter in a pan or a griddle.Toast or grill  till it is brown on both sides and cheese is melted.Cut into two and serve hot !!!
Enjoy this scrumptious sandwich with your morning cuppa or pack it for lunch...it tastes great either ways !!!


  1. This looks so inviting, especially at this time of the day for me...breakfast and then off to work. Mozarella on tomato looks yum

  2. loved the last pic..Thanks to u I am huge fan of pesto now....I have to try this recipe now:)

  3. Omg, just torturing me, wat a filling and aromatic sandwich..

  4. thanks shweta ...yeah try this u 'll love it !!