Saturday, 18 July 2015

Before you say goodbye to mangoes...Try Mango Parfait !!

Mango is undoubtedly the most popular fruit and I love it in all the forms.So,before you say goodbye to the king of fruits try this simply delicious and healthy breakfast me its the most amazing way to eat fruits!Some dishes are so simple and yet so beautiful..Parfait is one such dish..just a handful of healthy ingredients and an amazing dessert is ready to serve.


1 Mango
1 cup Yoghurt
1/3 cup Muesli


Chop one mango into fine pieces.Take yoghurt in a bowl and whip it till its nice and smooth.You can add a bit of sugar if you want.I like it healthy so I didn't add.

Take a tall glass and layer alternate layers of muesli,yogurt and chopped mango.
That's it !!!Just dig in and enjoy !!

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