Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Food delivery straight to your door.. on time.. every time. Its such a cool thing which makes our life so easy right ?
I had this funny and weird habit of collecting home delivery pamphlets when living in Delhi...When living away from home for studies you do resort to ordering outside food .... specially in a place like Delhi where you have innumerable options for students at reasonable prices from north Indian to Chinese to south Indian ...!!So when bored of the usual food this is what we used to do...just dial and order!!
And now in London we had some not so good experiences  of  restaurant Indian food  so we seldom order Indian and prefer Mexican or Italian instead....
But the other day we ordered Indian food for a change...and then we had some left overs too...so I tried this with my naan left overs ...

Well I must admit that I haven't seen a better dish from leftovers than this one
 Leftover Naans can be made into perfect pizza in just a few minutes!!!

  For Naanizza you need

 4 Naans
3 tbsp pizza sauce
4-8 thin slices of mozzarella
4-5 babycorns(boiled and sliced)
6-8 olives
2 tbsp sweetcorn
Salt and pepper

Take naan and spread the pizza sauce.Top it with all the veggies and cheese.(You can add your choice of veggies).Add seasoning.Bake it for 10-1 5 minutes.

 Pizza sauce 
In a pan take some olive oil.Add chopped garlic.Add tomato paste.Cook it till oil separates.Add basil  oregano,salt and pepper.

Enjoy this simple and quick recipe using your leftovers!!

I am sending this recipe for the BLOG EVENT -LET'S COOK WITH LEFTOVERS .


  1. Wow...that's innovative n am loving idea....brilliant!

  2. naan makes a wonderful pizza base.. agree yumm looking pizza n the baby corns make it more fab..

  3. so cute! brilliant idea & such an easy recipe

  4. Super duper idea and super duper name too! I guess naan makes for an awesomely perfect thin crust pizza!
    Nandini (http://foodiliciousnan.wordpress.com/)

  5. North Campus Delhi days were the best. And I remember ur collection of home-delivery menus. This one is looking so yummy!