Saturday, 24 September 2011


This is one of the first dishes I learnt from my mom when I was a kid.Its an interesting way to turn boring biscuits into a scrumptious chocolate dessert!And there is no baking no cooking !!!
And when I made this for my hubby he asked me thrice "Ghar pe bana hai?"
So do you want to try this yummy chocolate dessert which just requires few ingredients and does not involve any cooking or baking!!!

So go ahead and try this interesting ChOCO SLICE !!!

 10 Marie biscuits/Rich tea biscuits
 1 Tbsp Butter
 2 Tbsp Icing sugar
 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Coffee powder
1/2 Cup Water

In a bowl mix butter,cocoa powder and icing sugar till it becomes smooth and creamy.Now take water and add coffee powder in a another bowl.Dip the biscuits one by one and keep them on a plate one above the other forming a stack.
Let it set for about a minute.Now apply the butter cocoa mixture on the  biscuit log covering all sides.Refrigerate it for 4-5 hours.Now cut slices diagonally.
Enjoy your choco-slice !!