Monday, 5 September 2011

summer love : fresh fruit salad !!

Six months ago like everyone else I used to think that London is one of those places where it rains ever second day..the weather is cold,dull and gloomy... but lemme tell you that sun does bestow its warmth upon us infact too harshly sometimes that we are still suffering from that tan we got a month ago...Saturday was one of those sunny days and  guess what we had for lunch...? 
Fresh fruit salad!!Nothing is more refreshing than a fresh fruit salad on a summer  afternoon .

Well do I really need to share the recipe?bcoz its nothing but fresh apples,bananas,melon and strawberries chopped and mixed  together in a bowl .I didn't want to spoil the freshness of the fruits so no honey, no cream, no chaat masala nothing!

Hope your weekend was as refreshing as ours !!!

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